Pixel Gun 3d- Reasons behind the all stars

Pixel Gun 3d recently launched the new version of Pixel Gun 3d game. In the latest update, it will give you lots of features and exciting things. Lots of battles and modes are provided in the new version. One of the best features is that you can chat with your friends at the time of battles. The company solves the issue related to the graphics. If you are looking for the best action game, then it proves better for you. It is the best popular and trending game in the whole world.

What are stars-?

The stars are the show your missions rating. In the game, your mission rating is shoe by three stars. If you complete the tasks with all terms and conditions, then you will get the three stars. As per your attempt the mission average then you will get the two stars. Now I tell you how to get you three rating in the game to complete challenges in the proper way. Each star is depending on the different challenge.

  • First star- To obtain the first star is very hard. If you want to earn the first star, then you receive it by killing the monsters. We can also say that monsters are the best source to obtain the first star.
  • Second stars- The second star depends on your strength. When you kill enemies quickly, then you will get the second star. If you want to kill your enemies, continue then you should equip the machine gun. With the help of machine gun, you are able to kill enemies continue.
  • Third Star- The third star I used to complete three stars. It is very hard to earn but for some reasons make it possible. If you kill all enemies without any damage, then you will get the third star. The little bit damage is canceling your star. So always save yourself to get a free third star.

These are all the reasons behind every star. For completing the missions in proper way stars, are must require. If you want to get all the stars by useing this information and by gettingĀ Pixel Gun 3d Cheats.