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Master's' degree Wikipedia.
82% of respondents conferred only a master's' degree for the course, while 9% conferred a bachelor's' degree at the end of the bachelor's-level' stage and a master's' degree at the end of the course and a further 9% conferred both bachelor's' and master's' degrees at the end of the course.
Master Definition of Master by Merriam-Webster.
Examples of master in a Sentence. Noun the master and mistress of the house She is a master of her craft. Adjective a master craftsman who makes fine wood furniture of his own designs Verb She mastered French in college.
Master Wikipedia.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs EP, a 2001 record by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, this EP also called Master." Master album of Russian band Master, a 1987 album by Russian thrash metal band Master. Master album of American band Master, a 1990 album by American band Master.
Master definition of master by The Free Dictionary.
Univ: Master of Art etc to do a master s seinen Magister machen in in dat; master s degree Magister grad m. vt meistern; ones emotions unter Kontrolle bringen; technique, method beherrschen; to master the violin das Geigenspiel beherrschen; to master ones temper sich beherrschen, sein Temperament z├╝geln.
MASTER meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
This painting is clearly the work of a master. James Brown is the master of funk. He considered himself a master of witty banter. He was a master of stratagem. She was master of the sarcastic comment. He is a master craftsman.

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