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Master's' degree Wikipedia.
Integrated master's' degrees and postgraduate master's' degrees oriented towards professional practice are often more specifically named for their field of study tagged" degrees" including, for example, Master of Business Administration, Master of Divinity, Master of Engineering and Master of Physics.
Master Definition of Master by Merriam-Webster.
Noun the master and mistress of the house She is a master of her craft. Adjective a master craftsman who makes fine wood furniture of his own designs Verb She mastered French in college. He is determined to master every aspect of the business.
Master Wikipedia.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs EP, a 2001 record by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, this EP also called Master." Master album of Russian band Master, a 1987 album by Russian thrash metal band Master. Master album of American band Master, a 1990 album by American band Master.
Master definition of master by The Free Dictionary.
Univ: Master of Art etc to do a master s seinen Magister machen in in dat; master s degree Magister grad m. vt meistern; ones emotions unter Kontrolle bringen; technique, method beherrschen; to master the violin das Geigenspiel beherrschen; to master ones temper sich beherrschen, sein Temperament z├╝geln.
MASTER meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
This painting is clearly the work of a master. James Brown is the master of funk. He considered himself a master of witty banter. He was a master of stratagem. She was master of the sarcastic comment. He is a master craftsman.

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